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I'm Jordan Dash Cruz. Actor. Voice Actor. Legally Insane.

Jordan Dash Cruz is an Actor and Voice Actor currently residing in Lewisville, Texas. Originally from Tampa, Florida, Jordan has done theater since 2004 and Voice Overs since 2013.  "Youthful" "Energetic" "Loving" "Passionate" and "Spontaneous" are all words that have been used to describe his style, as well as a unique sense of humor that can only be described as "Legally Insane". He loves to bring smiles to the faces of others and leaves the audience wanting more, giving you one-hundred and ten percent everytime. Hear him in some of your favorite anime, games and shows! Also, he's a big fan of the original Karate Kid, so talk to him about that... Or videogames, he loves videogames.

"Inspiring others and making something beautiful together is our calling as actors, and when it's all said and done, the smiles on the audience's face will be worth it." 

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