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"Jordan Dash Cruz became to be known as the "man of many voices" within the Selatria development team because he can really do it all. Different accents, different styles. I'm scared to know exactly how many different voices are hiding within those vocal chords of his."

                                                                              -Grover Wimberly IV, Director

"If you want a talent that’s bright, witty, youthful, and energetic, then look no further than Jordan Dash Cruz! As a Casting Director and Voice Director, I’ve worked with Jordan on a variety of projects over the past few years. He’s constantly surprised me with his range, chops, and willingness to dig deep and deliver powerhouse performances. Not only is he a versatile actor, but Jordan is the consummate professional; and we’re always able to get the work done and have time left over to chat - with plenty of laughs in between. Don’t just take my word for it - cast Jordan now, and enhance the quality of your project in ways you may have never imagined!"

                                                         -Jalen K. Cassell, Voice Actor/Director/Scriptwriter

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