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SAG-AFTRA Eligible

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2017 BTVA Nomination for Breakout Male VA of the Year


                    Voice Over:        Sonny Strait, Terri Doty, Chris Rager, Reis Myers McCormick, Phyllis Cicero, Cathryn                                                      Hartt, Sara Jane Sherman, Tony Oliver, Crispin Freeman, Kyle Phillips, Anthony Reece

                     Theatre:           KD Conservatory College of Film and Dramatic Arts, Reg Poling, Kevin Skiles,                                                                 Hillsborough Community College, Seffner Christian Academy Thespis

                     Singing:           Kevin Skiles, Men's Ensemble (Crack of Dawn), Dr. Bruno Kazenas

                     Improv:            "Four Day Weekend" Improv Workshop, Hartt & Soul Improv Intensive

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